How to choose a face concealer based on skin color for beginners?

How to choose a face concealer based on skin color for beginners?
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When it comes to the question “what is a face concealer and what is it used for,” beginners in the world of makeup often find themselves at a loss. Facial concealer is a cosmetic product that is used to hide skin imperfections such as blemishes, redness, dark circles and small scars. Its main task is to provide a more even and clear skin tone, having a denser structure and a high concentration of pigments compared to conventional foundation creams.

Introduction to the world of concealers

What is a concealer and for what is it needed?

Many people ask the question: “facial concealer, what is it and how to use it?” The answer is simple: this is a complexion correction product that can mask all sorts of imperfections and at the same time remain invisible on the skin. It is thanks to these properties that concealer is an indispensable assistant in creating the ideal image.

Why choose a concealer specifically for your skin color?

The procedure for choosing a concealer depends on many factors, and one of the most important is the answer to the question of how to choose a concealer in an online store. The main goal is to find a product that perfectly matches your skin tone to create a natural and flawless look. When purchasing online, it is important to carefully study descriptions and reviews, as well as listen to the recommendations of professionals.

Identification of skin tones and their characteristics

Cool, warm and neutral undertones

The approach to choosing a concealer shade can be simplified by understanding which concealer color is intended for what. The fact is that different colors of concealer solve different problems: light shades help lighten dark spots, dark ones hide imperfections and various protrusions on the skin, and colored concealers neutralize certain shades, for example, redness.

Determining your skin undertone

Once you’ve determined your skin undertone, it’s time to think about what a green facial concealer is for. Green concealer is used to neutralize redness on the face since green is the opposite color of red on the color wheel. By choosing the right concealer, you can easily hide redness and other skin imperfections.

Skin UndertoneRecommended Concealer Shades
WarmSand, golden
ColdPinkish, porcelain
NeutralBeige, natural

Choosing a concealer by skin type

Features of choice for dry , oily and combination skin

Your skin type also plays a decisive role in choosing a concealer. For oily skin, mattifying concealers are better suited to help hide shine and prevent makeup from smearing throughout the day. In the case of dry skin, preference should be given to moisturizing formulas.

Concealer palette: main shades and their use

Light and dark shades of concealer

Light and dark shades of concealer perform different functions:

  1. Light shades of concealer are ideal for illuminating the area under the eyes and giving the face a more rested look.
  2. Dark shades are used for contouring the face and creating shadows, which allows visually correct the shape and highlight the advantages of the face.

Correcting concealer colors: green, yellow, lavender

Correcting concealer shades serve to balance certain color nuances on the skin:

  • Green concealer is effective in camouflaging redness and inflammation.
  • Yellow concealer helps hide bruises and dark circles, especially on olive skin.
  • Lavender shade is used to neutralize yellow tones and give your skin a fresh look.

How to Apply and Blend Concealer

Application Techniques for Natural Coverage

When applying concealer, it is important to use the following techniques:

  1. Apply a small amount of concealer to problem areas or under the eyes.
  2. Gently blend the concealer with your fingers, sponge or brush to blend with skin tone.

Mixing shades for the perfect match

Don’t be afraid to experiment with mixing shades to achieve the perfect color. Mix concealers directly on the skin or in a palette to create the perfect shade that perfectly matches your skin tone.

Final Tips

How to Choose the Right Concealer Tool

The choice of tool for applying concealer depends on your personal preferences and the desired result.

  • For a denser coverage, a brush with dense bristles is suitable.
  • A sponge or beauty blender will provide a more natural look and light coverage.

Summing up: the main aspects of choosing a concealer

The most important thing in choosing a concealer is understanding your needs and skin characteristics. Pay attention to the composition, skin type, undertone and the main purposes of using the concealer.

Frequently asked questions

Question: Is it possible use concealer without foundation? Yes, concealer can be used separately to hide local imperfections without applying a full layer of foundation.

Question: How to prevent concealer from creasing under the eyes? To avoid creasing, use moisturizer as a base before applying concealer and set it with a thin layer of translucent powder.

Question: How to choose a concealer shade online if you can’t test is it on the skin? Rely on the product description, customer reviews and compare the samples presented with the skin tone in the wrist area.

Question: Is there a universal shade of concealer?

Question: Is there a universal shade of concealer? p> The ideal concealer is tailored to your individual skin, but some manufacturers offer universal shades designed to suit a wide range of skin tones.

Question: What is the shelf life of concealer? Q On average, the shelf life of a concealer after opening is from 6 to 12 months, but it is always recommended to follow the instructions on the manufacturer’s packaging.